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Mangrove Black Charcoal

Mangrove Charcoal is one of the hardwood and heaviest charcoals. In other words, its structure is very dense and hard. This charcoal is used for some industrial fields like non-ferrous metal production. One of the advantage of this charcoal is that it gives a special aroma to BBQ when burning. It is the burning hours is most important thing, because the burning hours can be seen how strong the charcoal is. Mangrove Black Charcoal always Smokeless and hazardous less. Although Mangrove Black Charcoal is made from hardwood charcoal but it is easily to light up.

CHARCOAL ARANG ̿ (Natural Lump Mangrove Charcoal Arang Bakau - 3kg)

CHARCOAL BBQ ARANG KAYU ̿ (Taiping Farming Mangrove Charcoal Arang Bakau - 3kg)

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